ATG Hot Topic of the Week: Hathi Trust Content discoverable in Summon

by | Apr 1, 2011 | 4 comments

HathiTrust LogoMore hot news than hot topic—although could become a hot topic.

In order of caliente:

  • Muy Caliente: Hathi Trust parks the scanned content of member libraries. This includes, presumably, the Google Book Project booty. Membership is everything…
  • Picante: your scanned repository stuff—those preprints from your biologists, the Old Dutchman Mine photographs
  • Gringo (ketchup): those of us who were not part of the Google Book Project: You’re not member, you’re not a player.

Mind you, this is traction. Summon is leading discovery, Hathi Trust is the only game in town after the Google Book Bust. Question: how do we play this—can the rest of us become Google and scan our stuff, put in Hathi Trust? Also, is this a Summon exclusive—a gotchya for, say, Ebsco’s HBR?

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