ATG Hot Topic of the Week: Google Disappoints Investors and RIM's Playbook

by | Apr 15, 2011 | 0 comments

Quarterly call, featuring only 370 words of guidance by new CEO Larry Page, highlights rising costs, brain drain, and competition taking a little shine off the Internet juggernaut. For librarians: tech biggies like Google, Apple, Amazon direct where innovation goes; libraries respond as cultural actors and customers. Nothing is certain in tech; nothing is certain in the technology business libraries have become. With Google’s passion for social, could be that Books will be a back end business.

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RIM’s Playbook…got to have you a Blackberry to do anything like the the IPAD or android tablets B. Blackberry, bluetooth, Playbook in that order; but it does do full web flash. Ask that guy at the airport who never looks up from his phone to show you what you don’t want.

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