How Students Are Doing Research Now – post from InfoViews

by | Mar 7, 2011 | 0 comments

Second post in a six-part series by Jane Burke, ProQuest.

So, last week I noted that most students’ perception of the library is less than outstanding. 
Part of that perception, I think, is that the library is time-consuming.   Student researchers feel that it will take a long time to plow through the various resources.  And many of them think those resources are still print resources – after all, the library brand is “Books”.

Or …they might have tried to use the library’s electronic resources and been put off by an overwhelmingly long list of databases.  Aaron is an example.  This is an actual research session that we recorded during the “anthropological research” that ProQuest conducted in 2007-2008.   Aaron tries valiantly to locate library databases relevant to his topic, which is the treatment of Hurricane Katrina in the mainstream and alternative press.  (Note:  this is about 4 minutes long, and it is painful.) 

Read entire post online here.

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