Hot Topic of the Week: There Isn’t an App for Ebookstore Cooperation

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by Dennis Brunning, Arizona State University,

Just when we thought we’d figured it that we would just buy Kindle content and use Kindle apps to read them on whatever reader, phone, or computer, the I-Guys over at Cupertino decide they want their 30% delivery fee for books read on their devices. First to know was Sony whose E Reader, first embraced by Borders, has become device of choice for library users. Why, it is wide open to just about any e content.ipad_home_screenphoto © 2010 Ben Atkin | more info (via: Wylio)

Around Christmas 2010, Apple told Sony it wouldn’t approve Sony’s reader app unless restricted purchases in the app to Apple I Bookstore. Here they would take their 30% cut which they didn’t care how the publisher priced it to the Sony customer.  Sure, you could still do it the old fashion way, that is, use your computer to buy your ebooks then download them to your reader. But the beauty of the app is to make it so easy and seamless on our phones and readers.

Just this week Apple upped the app ante, telling Amazon the same it told Sony. With so many Kindle users reading their ebooks on just about every reader and with Amazon holding a huge lead in e book market share, yes, Amazon took notice.

War hasn’t declared just yet. Surprisingly, it’s not so much a black and white and read all over issue as who’s going to get stuck with the extra bucks.  With its no cost/low cost shipping and $9.99 — Amazon stands to lose if it has to charge more

And here’s an end of week late breaker: Google will sell e-books from anyone at 10%. This just annoys Apple and Amazon. Borders in bankruptcy can only shrug shoulders.

WINNERS: AMAZON, Apple, Google—no matter what they’ll sell stuff

Losers—Borders, Library Patrons—this isn’t a game for those who can’t play.

New York Times coverage

We think Rupert M will let you read free!!!

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