Submitted to the ATG Content Form on January 25, 2011:

Semantico, a leading provider of services and technology for online publishing, has implemented Shibboleth 2 compliance for academic publisher Koninklijke Brill. Compliance with the latest Shibboleth release covers Brill Online, Brill Linguistic Bibliographies, Brill Nijhoff and Brill eBooks.

Alongside the upgrade, Koninklijke Brill has extended Shibboleth coverage across Europe. Users in Spain, France, Germany and the UK will now be able to log in using Shibboleth authentication.

Access to the sites is controlled by SAMS, Semantico’s industry-leading access management software. SAMS has been specifically developed for publishers who have to manage the complex authentication issues created when students, academics and professionals access publisher platforms through institutional subscriptions. SAMS lets publishers identify institutions and users with permission to access content, and keeps subscription information up to date in a central location. The system has extensive reporting and tracking features to help publishers get the most from customer and usage data.

For more information, visit the Semantico website.