April 14, 2011 at the Embassy Suites Washington DC—Convention Center

Keynote Speaker: Joe Esposito
President, Portable CEO

The new architecture of scholarly publishing is a work in progress—its design is being shaped every day. The form it takes will not be limited by the materials, practices, and technology of the past but by the evolving expectations of the present and future creators and users of content. They will increasingly be the driving force behind how content is organized, accessed, and distributed. The demands of an interactive community of authors, readers, subscribers, and researchers who interact within the new environment will have a large influence on how it looks and feels. Publishers will contribute to the emerging form of a new architecture if they listen to the members of this community and respond to the changing function of content and information. The sessions at this seminar will provide insights about emerging peer review models, disintermediation of the scholarly supply chain, the promise of semantic web, shifting business models, and the role of apps and eBooks in scholarly publishing.

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The $165.00 registration fee includes all program materials, breakfast, and lunch