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Contact details:
Springer Science+Business Media
Heidelberger Platz 3, 14197 Berlin, Germany
Phone: +49 30 82787 0 • Fax: +49 30 821 40 91
Website: www.springer.com

A complete list of affiliated companies can be found at http://www.springer.com/about+springer/locations+worldwide?SGWID=0-173904-0-0-0.

CEO Derk Haank, COO Martin Mos, CFO Ulrich Vest

Vital statistics

  • Number of employees: 5,000 • Number of books published annually (print, electronic, etc.): 6,500 new books a year
  • Number of journals published annually (print, electronic, open access, etc.): 2,000 journals
  • Total number of books on our backlist (print, electronic, etc.): Since copyright year 2005, Springer offers all books in print and electronic format. Currently, more than 40,000 eBooks are available on the Springer platform www.springerlink.com. Titles published before 2005 will be made available electronically at a later date.

Springer Features and Products

  • SpringerLink
  • SpringerOpen
  • SpringerImages
  • SpringerProtocols
  • SpringerMaterials
  • MyCopy
  • AuthorMapper
  • Exemplar
  • LatexSearch.com

History and Brief Description of Publishing Program

Springer Science+Business Media is a leading global scientific publisher, delivering quality content through innovative information products and services. The company is also a trusted provider of local-language professional publications in Europe, especially in Germany and the Netherlands. In the science, technology and medicine (STM) sector, the group publishes around 2,000 journals and more than 6,500 new books a year, as well as the largest STM eBook Collection worldwide.

Springer has operations in about 20 countries in Europe, the USA, and Asia, and more than 5,000 employees. In 2009, it generated annual sales of around EUR 859 million. Springer started in 1842 as a publisher’s bookstore in Berlin. The publishing activities of the Springer family ranged from political writings to German literature. The company’s founder had already published scientific and technical works, but it was not until the company was taken over by the younger Springer generations that the publishing house developed the profile in medicine and the natural sciences that it still has today.

International Development

The company’s development on an international level started in the 1960s: Offices in New York, Vienna, London, Paris, and Milan were added. The managing directors were particularly far-sighted in stepping up activities in Asia and setting up new offices in Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Delhi. The foundation was already laid at that time for close contact with academics and scientists in China, where a publishing office was opened in Beijing in 2007. Today, books and journals containing research by Chinese scientists are an important part of the publishing program, and Springer is the leading publisher of English-language scientific literature in China. In addition, Springer publishes close to 500 academic and professional society journals.


The name Springer Science+Business Media was adopted in 2004 after the merger of the Dutch company Kluwer Academic Publishers and the publishing group BertelsmannSpringer. Many other professional publishing houses such as Apress, Humana Press, or the British open access publisher BioMed Central were added to the group. Recently, Springer started expanding its open access publishing model to all disciplines and, in cooperation with BioMed Central under the brand SpringerOpen, a suite of open access journals is being established in emerging and interdisciplinary fields.

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