The LOCKSS Program is pleased to announce Springer’s participation in the Global LOCKSS Network.Springer has committed for LOCKSS preservation nearly 42,000 e-books; more than 2000 e-journals, 174 eReference works, and
22,000 Protocols. By implementing a library ownership model, Springer is enabling libraries to fulfill a core library mission- to build and preserve digital library collections.

The LOCKSS Program balances the needs of libraries and publishers to access and preserve important scholarly materials over time.
LOCKSS libraries have perpetual access to content preserved in their institution’s LOCKSS Box. Publishers receive all user hits; the LOCKSS technology does not divert traffic from a publisher.

Heather Ruland Staines, Senior Manager eOperations says, “Springer is pleased to announce that SpringerLink is LOCKSS compliant, allowing libraries to preserve content and maintain access to their subscribed and purchased content to support the long term needs of the scholarly community.”

“Library collections are a keystone for perpetual access and long term preservation. We are delighted to be working with Springer
to support libraries and their institutions,” says Victoria Reich, Director LOCKSS Program.

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