New Tenopir survey shows importance of journal ‘brand’ to readers: A new study by Tenopir, King and others shows that researchers attach high importance to reading articles from recognised peer-reviewed journals. ‘These are very valuable findings’ said Bob Campbell, Chairman of the Publishing Research Consortium (PRC), which commissioned the study. ‘They confirm what most publishers already believe – that the investment and effort that the community put into establishing journals of quality is well-appreciated by researchers when they come to use the literature. Of course, in any search, it’s imperative that relevant results are retrieved, and that papers are accessible online at no personal cost to the reader – and publishers have an array of mechanisms to achieve this.’ Campbell continued: ‘it’s always been clear that authors attach a lot of value to the journal in which they choose to publish, but until now we’ve been lacking solid, objective evidence that readers value them too. So to have world-leading researchers like Carol Tenopir and her colleagues establish this, as well as a range of other interacting criteria, on a sound basis, should be helpful to everyone in the scholarly community.’

Tenopir, who led the research team, said: ‘readers of scholarly articles have an abundance of articles to choose from. In addition to topic, they use a variety of criteria and quality clues to choose which articles to read. This study reveals which of those clues are most important to readers from many different disciplines. For topically relevant articles that are available online at no personal cost to the reader, the quality of the authors and the journals in which the articles appear are important criteria in helping readers choose from among alternatives.’

 The study is available, without charge, from the PRC website at :