The American Institute of Physics (AIP) announced today the hiring of Darrell W. Gunter as chief commercial officer (CCO). Gunter will join AIP to become part of a core leadership team that will help to reposition and transform AIP’s publishing program to thrive into the 21st century.  He will be responsible for delivering AIP Publishing’s global marketing and sales strategy. 

Gunter was executive vice president and chief marketing officer for Collexis Holdings, Inc., a developer of semantic search and knowledge discovery software and AIP’s technology partner for UniPHY, the first literature-based professional social networking site for physical scientists. Earlier, Darrell had been the senior vice president for sales and marketing for the Americas marketplace for Elsevier, where over an eleven-year tenure, he led the successful launch and growth of ScienceDirect.  He has had considerable success at other blue chip organizations including Xerox and Dow Jones.

“My formula for building a successful business is based on the establishment of a strategic business plan and managing the three key elements of a business: the market, the people and the product,” says Gunter. “As social media and semantic technology are becoming more important to position a company’s products, it will be essential for the CCO to not only understand these new tools but to use them effectively,” adds Gunter alluding to his unique insight into social networking technologies.

“I am delighted to have Darrell join my leadership team,” says John Haynes, vice president for publishing at AIP-a major nonprofit publisher of scientific journals and an organization of 10 physical science societies that represent 135,000 scientists and engineers worldwide.”  This appointment is crucial to the overall success of AIP.  The result will be an enhanced ability for AIP to serve its mission: to disseminate knowledge and to deliver a wide range of services and programs to the scientific community,” continues Haynes.

“I am very pleased with the caliber of talent AIP has been able to attract over the last year. This hiring is the culmination of a process meant to put in place an experienced and nimble management team that will take AIP publishing to the next level,” says Fred Dylla, the executive director and CEO of AIP.

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