In the midst a successful 2010 – including the launching of a new and improved platform that offers a major enhancement to the protocol, a feature called “LibQUAL+® Lite” – LibQUAL+® announces the opening of registration for 2011.

LibQUAL+® Lite is a shorter version of the survey that takes less time to fill in. The Lite protocol uses item sampling methods to (a) gather data on all 22 LibQUAL+® core items, while (b) only requiring given individual users to respond to a subset of the 22 core questions.

We also introduced a new fee structure in 2010 with two important features. First, we froze the standard base fee for the LibQUAL+® survey implementation, which carries over to 2011. Second, we implemented a fee structure that offers the LibQUAL+® survey to you for less on an annual and biennial basis. The pricing rewards periodic, structured participation, and encourages libraries to make participation decisions strategically, rather than on an ad hoc, one-time basis.

Register to Participate in 2011

To register, visit If your institution participated in 2010, your 2011 fee will be only $2,200. For all others, the standard fee of $3,200 applies. With registration, you will receive access to a rich array of assessment resources, free training, and timely delivery of your survey results.

Free Training

Free training will be offered on Monday, January 10, 2011, in San Diego, California, in conjunction with the American Library Association Midwinter Meeting. To register for the training modules, visit

For more information, contact:
David Green
Association of Research Libraries