Dr. Thomas Krimmer (41) has been appointed head of the newly-created central marketing department for the German medical divisions of Thieme Publishing Group, Stuttgart. In this position he is responsible for all marketing activities directed at physicians, medical students, physiotherapists, nurses, and other professional groups in the health-care sector.

Previously in charge of the global marketing for Thieme’s portfolio of chemistry and institutional information resources, Thomas Krimmer, a Ph.D. chemist and MBA, has been with the Thieme Publishing Group for more than nine years. As head of marketing at the German medical publishing division of Thieme, he oversees the marketing of books, journals, electronic media and services.

Dr. Krimmer intends to put a focus on personalised, cross-channel marketing geared to the customer’s life-cycle. Thieme’s marketing campaigns will make use of all communication channels relevant to the customer at any one time and will be designed to cater specifically to the customer’s situational needs. Taking into account a customer’s preferences, contact and purchasing history will allow Thieme to provide to-the-point information and make offerings tailored to the customer’s topical demand.

Until now Thieme’s marketing measures aimed at German speaking medical students, medical doctors and health-care professionals have been planned and implemented separately. These activities are now being grouped together in one central marketing department to enable Thieme to better serve these groups as a trusted information provider throughout their career, starting from the time when they begin their professional training, thereby reinforcing their loyalty to the Thieme brand.