The American Mathematical Society (AMS) has established a complete digital archive of its mathematical research journals. Over 34,000 articles are available from over 100 years of high-quality mathematical research in ‘Journal of the AMS,’ ‘Mathematics of Computation,’ ‘Proceedings of the AMS,’ ‘Transactions of the AMS,‘ and ‘Bulletin of the AMS.’ All back issues, starting with each journal’s inaugural issue through 2005, are now freely available in electronic format.

Researchers can browse the contents of each journal to find articles and authors in each volume and issue, and can search across the entire archive by journal or group of journals at: View the abstract, references (with links to MathSciNet), bibliographic information, Mathematics Subject Classifications for each article, or view a PDF of the full article.

Each journal is unique in its offering of articles, book reviews, and reports. AMS journals have consistently been managed by editors highly prominent in their fields.

The AMS makes the digitized archive of these important research journals freely available to all mathematicians through the generosity of an anonymous donor.

Lori Sprague
Manager, Sales Administration
American Mathematical Society
Providence, RI 02904