Portico (www.portico.org/digital-preservation/) is pleased to announce that 110 publishers, representing more than 2,000 professional and scholarly societies, are now participating in the Portico archive. Furthermore, nearly 15 million articles are now safely preserved in the Portico archive.

“These are significant milestones for Portico and this substantial growth in a short period of time underscores the importance of digital preservation, and the commitment of the hundreds of Portico’s participating libraries and publishers to ensuring long-term access to scholarly content,” said Eileen Fenton, Portico’s Managing Director. The 110 publishers who have entrusted their content to the Portico archive and signed formal agreements with Portico represent e-books, e-journals, and d-collections. Additionally, all publishers participating in JSTOR’s Current Scholarship Program (http://www.jstor.org/page/info/about/programs/currentScholarship.jsp) will now have their current content preserved in Portico. Since 2005, the number of titles and types of content preserved in Portico has grown significantly. To date, over 11,000 e-journals and 33,000 e-books have been entrusted to the Portico archive.

For a complete list of Portico-related facts and figures, please visit Portico’s Archive Facts & Figures (http://www.portico.org/digital-preservation/the-archive-content-access/archive-facts-figures). The complete list of titles and participating publishers is available at www.portico.org/digital-preservation/who-participates-in-portico/  

To learn more about Portico, the considerable growth of the archive, and Portico’s services for libraries and publishers, please visit us at Booth #3393 at the American Library Association (ALA) Annual Meeting, or attend the JSTOR|Portico Participants’ Meeting. More information is available at www.portico.org/digital-preservation/news-events/events/american-library-association-ala-annual/