From a press release issued by Harrassowitz on May 10, 2010:

HARRASSOWITZ is pleased to announce the release of Version 1.1 of Parker Library on the Web, offering users improved visual display features and enhanced functionality.

Originally launched in fall 2009, and sponsored by Stanford University and Corpus Christi College at Cambridge University, Parker Library on the Web is a digitized collection of all 538 medieval manuscripts from the Parker Library at Corpus Christi College. HARRASSOWITZ is the exclusive distributor for Parker Library on the Web.

The new Version 1.1 of Parker Library on the Web offers separate viewing options for licensed and unsubscribed users. Unsubscribed users can view images of all the Parker manuscripts with a description of each page. This view also allows users to browse the collection by manuscript title and number. Viewing of images has been further enhanced in this new version with the inclusion of the “basic view”, which provides users with legible page images in addition to a new “page-turn” view.

In the licensed version, users are offered additional functionality, including enhanced browsing, keyword and fielded searching, bibliography, and a “zoom view” that allows users to zoom in and out on the image.

Version 1.1 also offers licensed users the following improvements:

  • A new “thumbnail” view has been added, enabling display of the special physical features inherent in manuscript objects. These include: flaps, foldouts, spreads, bookmarks, spines and edges. In addition, all rolls with images available (5 of 6 in the collection) can now be viewed.
  • A large number of the images have been re-scanned since the initial elease of the project. Many of these enhanced images have been integrated into Version 1.1, with the remainder to be included into the next release.
  • A new tutorial has been added, offering a multi-slide version of “How to Read This Manuscript Description” for advanced users of the site.
  • Many of the manuscript descriptions and bibliographic entries have been updated.

For further information or to order Parker Library on the Web, please visit the HARRASSOWITZ Web site at: or contact your Regional Sales Manager.