Ingram's Lightning Source expands products and services

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Lightning Source Inc., an Ingram Content Group Inc. company, today announced that it has expanded the products and services it offers to publishers globally. The new offerings from Lightning Source will be available from Lightning’s United States and United Kingdom operations.

The new products and services from Lightning Source include: new color interior hardcover book options, additional trim sizes for black and white interior books, expanded page count options for both perfect bound and hardcover books and a multi-volume set option, commonly used in the academic sector.

The following describes the new offerings from Lightning Source:

* Color interior hardcover books

To provide publishers greater choice in color book print-on-demand options, Lightning Source has added hardcover color interior books to its existing perfect bound color book option. Hardcover color books will be available in six trim sizes and multiple bind types. Content for hardcover color books will be accepted by Lightning Source beginning today. Hardcover color interior books will be manufactured beginning July 1, 2010.

* New black & white trim sizes

Publishers that work with Lightning Source have identified a need for a larger trim size option for black and white interior books. Starting today, publishers will have 8 ½ x 11 black and white interior book options in both hardcover and perfect bound bindings. 8 ½ x 11 perfect bound books will be available immediately for printing. 8 ½ x 11 hardcover books will be manufactured beginning July 1.

* Expanded page count

The minimum and maximum page count options for black and white interior books manufactured by Lightning Source have been expanded to meet the needs of the publishing community. Effective immediately, black and white interior perfect bound and hardcover books manufactured by Lightning Source may have a minimum page count of 18 pages. The maximum page count has increased to 1,200 pages for books with white paper and 1,050 pages for books with crème paper.

* Multi-volume sets

The multi-volume set option from Lightning Source enables a publisher to set up and order multiple black and white interior perfect bound and hardcover titles under a separate single ISBN. Printed books are then consolidated and delivered to a designated delivery location. Publishers can set up multi-volume set titles with Lightning Source, and these multi-volume set titles can be manufactured starting today.

“As the book industry transforms, it is necessary that Ingram continues to bring to market the most innovative tools and options that publishers need to deliver both print and digital content to its destination,” said Philip Ollila, Chief Content Officer, Ingram Content Group. “We heard what our customers had to say, and we delivered.”

The latest product and service enhancements from Lightning Source are the result of the feedback received from its publisher clients. Ingram will continue to innovate through each of its companies to deliver the best content solutions available to the book industry. For more information on the new products and services available from Lightning Source, contact

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