The Collection Management & Development Section (CMDS) of the Association for Library Collections & Techinical Services (ALCTS) invites you to attend a research forum, “Emerging Research in Collection Management & Development,” at the 2010 American Library Association Annual Conference in Washington, DC. The program will feature two speakers and will be held Sunday, June 27, 4pm to 5:30pm, in the Washington Convention Center, Room 150B.

The purpose of this forum is to nurture new authors by giving them an opportunity to present research and receive feedback as they prepare manuscripts for publication. Proposals for the forum were refereed by the ALCTS/CMDS Publications Committee.

The first speaker is Aline Soules from California State University, East Bay, and her presentation is entitled “A Comparison of Biographical Information in Commercial Literary Databases and on the Open Web.”

The second speaker is Jeffrey Kushkowski from Iowa State University, and his presentation is entitled “Core Journals in Corporate Governance: An International Review: Implications for Collection Management.”

We hope that you can join us for an interesting program that will highlight emerging research in collection management and development.