OCLC and H.W. Wilson to transition databases from FirstSearch to WilsonWeb

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OCLC and H.W. Wilson will work together to transition library subscriptions for H.W. Wilson databases provided on the OCLC FirstSearch service to the WilsonWeb platform over the next 16 months.  Wilson will continue to index many of its databases in WorldCat.org and WorldCat Local, a program that began in 2008. The commitment to work together follows an announcement earlier today that OCLC will transition out of the role of hosting and reselling commercially published content.  OCLC will increase focus on partnering with publishers and other database providers to increase access to library-licensed content via WorldCat.org and WorldCat Local. OCLC will continue to offer renewals and new subscriptions to Wilson databases on FirstSearch through July 31, 2010, and will ensure access to these databases through the library’s current subscription period.  Wilson will provide libraries that subscribe to its databases on FirstSearch with parallel subscriptions on WilsonWeb at no additional charge to give FirstSearch libraries time to easily migrate to the WilsonWeb platform. Including Wilson databases in WorldCat Local means that libraries that subscribe to Wilson databases and use WorldCat Local will continue to be able make these databases searchable as part of their WorldCat Local service. An OCLC FAQ about FirstSearch databases is available at http://www.oclc.org/firstsearch/content/questions/.  OCLC and H.W. Wilson have plans in place to ensure continuity of service and support.  An FAQ concerning Wilson databases for customer support, billing, content, and platform transition is available at www.hwwilson.com/oclc/



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