ALCTS E-Resource Interest Group (ERIG) Midwinter Meeting
Saturday, January 16th, 10:30am-12:00pm.
BCEC-Room 253A

TOPIC: “In the ‘Know’: E-Resource Knowledge Base Management and Best Practices”

Title: Users Love It but it Sure is a Lot of Work!

What are the day-to-day issues of dealing with these systems and databases as they now exist? With all of the LABOR involved in keeping everything up to date, how could a collaborative knowledgebase help? This talk will also describe how Innovative’s ERM product is used in conjunction with the TDNet KnowledgeBase at Tufts.

Charlotte Keys
Director, University Library Technology Services

Title: Call number, please!

At the top of my wish-list for KB products is the inclusion of Library of Congress Classification Numbers, for the purpose of sorting titles by academic discipline. Accreditation reviews generally require a statement of support from the supporting library. As more and more resources – especially journals – are made available electronically, it becomes increasingly difficult to generate the required lists of resources without the Library of Congress call numbers. If a library does not have the financial resources to purchase or license MARC records, the LC Call number must be entered manually into the KB by the library staff, rendering the task almost insurmountable and potentially riddled with errors. Bring other wish-list items to this session!

Sarah Tusa, Associate Professor
Coordinator of Collection Development & Acquisitions
Mary & John Gray Library, Lamar University

Title: KBART: improving the data supply to knowledge bases and openUrl link resolvers

As the UKSG/NISO KBart recommended practice is released, we’ll examine its core and discuss its implications for electronic resource librarians and knowledge base management.

Jason Price, Head of Collections & Acquisitions – Claremont Colleges’ Library
eResource Package Analyst – Statewide California Electronic Library Consortium
Member of NISO/UKSG KBART Working Group

Title: Processes, successes and challenges with building and maintaining a central e-resource KnowledgeBase: A vendor’s perspective

KnowledgeBases are a central part of systems dealing with e-resources such as OpenURL link resolvers and ERMs. They have to be generic enough to serve a broad base of system users, as well as specific enough to mirror each institutions’ local holdings. The presentation describes, using the example of the SFX KnowledgeBase, the work involved in dealing with publisher relations, obtaining new and updated data that describe packages and their content, correcting, cleaning, loading and distributing of data and responding to individual customer requests. It will address the workflows and procedures involved in updating and maintaining the data and the challenges involved with data accuracy and currentness. Ex Libris is an active member of KBART and as part of the presentation will explain its expectations and experiences with this initiative.

Christine Stohn
SFX Product Manager, Ex Libris

Also hear an update from David Fritsch of JSTOR on their Current Scholarship Program.

For questions, contact:

Amira Aaron

Christine Turner
Vice-Chair, ALCTS ERIG