ARL Publishes ARL Statistics 2007-2008

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The Association of Research Libraries (ARL) has published the ARL Statistics 2007-2008, the latest in a series of annual publications that describe the collections, staffing, expenditures, and service activities of ARL’s 123 member libraries. Of these member libraries, 113 are university libraries (14 in Canada, 99 in the US); the remaining 10 are public, governmental, and private research libraries (2 in Canada, 8 in the US).

ARL libraries are a relatively small subset of libraries in North America, but they account for a large portion of academic library resources in terms of assets, budgets, and the number of users they serve. The total library expenditures of all 123 member libraries in 2007-2008 was more than $4.1. billion; of that total, over $3.1 billion was spent by the 113 university libraries and $1 billion was spent by the 10 nonuniversity libraries.

ARL has collected and published annual statistics for its member libraries since 1961-1962, expanding upon the work of James Gerould, who collected this information first at the University of Minnesota and later at Princeton University. The data he collected, covering the years 1907-1908 through 1961-1962, are now called the Gerould Statistics. The complete data series from 1908 through the present represents the oldest, most comprehensive, continuing library statistical series in North America.

For more information about the ARL Statistics or to download the data files or a PDF of the publication, please visit  See below to order print copies of the publication.

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ARL Statistics 2007-2008
Martha Kyrillidou and Les Bland, comps. and eds.
2009 * ISBN 1-59407-845-9 * EAN 978-159407-845-3
ISSN 0147-2135 (print) * ISSN 1943-5983 (online)
152 pages
$170 ($85 ARL members)

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