Ringgold is pleased to announce an agreement with the Kinokuniya Company Ltd to work together to enhance the accuracy of the entries of the Japanese institutions within Ringgold’s OpenIdentify database, and to implement the Ringgold Institutional Identifier within Kinokuniya systems and supply the Identifier to publishers in the future.

The Ringgold database uniquely identifies 154,000 institutional entities that subscribe to academic journals and over 7,000 of these are in Japan. The associated metadata includes Japanese and English names, locations, URLs, sizes and subject categories, and Kinokuniya will be using their local knowledge to keep this metadata up to date in the rapidly changing Japanese markets, including corporations, government departments and academia.

The Ringgold Identifier is important in all areas of data exchange in the e-resources supply chain and the National Standards Information Organization (NISO) supports a working group tasked with the goal of creating a national standard for institutional identification. Helen Henderson, Ringgold’s VP of Marketing, Research and Development, acts as consultant to this NISO I2 Working Group on Institutional Identifiers, which is establishing standards for applications in e-resource publishing, e-learning, institutional repositories, and library management systems.

Helen Henderson – helen@ringgold.com +1 (352) 436 4131
Toshiyuki Kawamura – journal@kinokuniya.co.jp +81 3 6910 0532