ProQuest has incorporated its patent-pending Deep Indexing technology, pioneered with the company’s popular Illustrata offerings, into selected natural science, technology, and engineering subject-oriented databases. Deep Indexing will surface data from more than seven million tables and figures found in over 5,500 academic journal articles. This innovation in indexing moves beyond traditional article-level indexing to help researchers quickly pinpoint the data most relevant to them.

Deep Indexing technology categorizes data represented in tables, maps, charts, graphs, photographs and other figures, allowing researcher to surface data not previously included in traditional article-level index records. Now, ProQuest has combined Deep Indexing with the traditional article level indexing to offer users a more robust and relevant results set. Journal articles with Deep Indexing are further enhanced with thumbnail images, or full images where available, giving a quick preview of the image(s). An illustration is available at

ProQuest is also offering complimentary training webinars about this new enhancement. For information on training sessions visit For more on Deep Indexing, visit: