Springer has recently signed agreements to publish two journals in association with the Brazilian Computer Society (SBC) – the Journal of the Brazilian Computer Society and the new Journal of Internet Services and Applications (JISA). Both journals will be available in print and on Springer’s online platform www.springerlink.com .

The Journal of the Brazilian Computer Society was previously published by the society itself (Sociedade Brasileira de Computação). It presents original research papers and serves as an environment for fostering and disseminating research in all fields of computer science. The quarterly journal, which accepts both theoretical and experimental papers, will be published at Springer starting in spring 2010 with Volume 16, Issue 1. Editor-in-chief is Maria Cristina Ferreira de Oliveira of the Universidade de São Paulo in Brazil.

The Journal of Internet Services and Applications, a new quarterly journal to be launched in April 2010, will disseminate scientific knowledge and technological research to further the development of the internet. It will provide a platform for the discussion of state-of-the-art internet research and will focus on research and development initiatives for internet applications, services and technologies. International in scope, JISA will solicit papers from researchers, practitioners and industrial partners worldwide. Fabio Kon of the Universidade de São Paulo in Brazil and Gordon Blair of the University of Lancaster, UK, are the editors-in-chief.

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