Publishing Health Check

by | Sep 20, 2009 | 0 comments

John Cox and Nawin Gupta are offering publishers a health check opportunity so that they can cope with the recession and grow through these times by concentrating on critical activities and seeking practicable operational efficiencies. The pressure on the public sector generally, and library budgets in particular, is likely to persist for some years.  Libraries are already cutting back; book buying is being cut, and journals are being scrutinized for cancellation in 2010.  Nobody expects library budgets to return to normal in the next three years. The standardized review is available for a package price, concentrating on sales and cash flow forecasts, the scope for reducing the costs of publishing by concentrating expenditure on mission-critical activities, and practical operational efficiencies, including outsourcing if it is appropriate. The extent of the health check is dependent on the type of publishing involved — books, journals or both — and can be tailored to the publisher”s requirements.  The standard review can cost as little as US $5,000, or 3,250 British pounds. It will be undertaken by John Cox in Europe, and by Nawin Gupta in North America. Contacts:

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