What I Like About Greenville and What I Miss About Boone

by | Aug 15, 2009 | 0 comments

In no particular order:

I have a fantastic crop of basil here in Greenville. If I were in Boone now any basil I would have attempted to grow would be stunted and possibly mildewed. It has been a cool, wet summer in the mountains. Of course, on the days here when it’s been 103 I really did miss Boone.

I hate air conditioning, but we have to run it upstairs in the Greenville house. Our electric bill last month was over $200. I have NEVER ever had an electric bill that high anywhere I have ever lived. Apparently the people who lived in this house before us averaged electric bills between $300-400 in the summer. That’s per month. I am sure our neighbors think we are insane as we are NOT running the AC downstairs and have been running window fans instead.

However, in Boone, the oil that heats the domestic water and the radiant hot water furnace is also very expensive. It’s an efficient system but oil has skyrocketed as a fuel. Of course this time of year it’s not much.

I am sitting upstairs in the guest bedroom looking out at the tall pines and they are really lovely here. Greenville is a flat hot place but our neighborhood is quite lovely in comparison. It is very shady and the houses are nicely spaced. It’s a nice place to live.

On the other hand: Greenville’s “cultural offerings” are slim pickings. Downtown has been struggling for years and it’s mostly sleazy college bars which attract bad elements. They need to do something about this – it’s really giving the place a bad rap. There are a few bright spots – so let’s get with the program!

Boone’s “culture” also has something to be desired, plus the shopping there is basically non-existent. Not that I NEED avenues for shopping but I do like having Sam’s Club and Target nearby in Greenville.

Greenville has GREAT sushi and eastern NC BBQ. And so close to the beach! I love that.

I also love Magnolias, Crepe myrtles and honeysuckle and wisteria.

In Boone I love jewel weed (which kills the itch of poison ivy) and cool weather crops like lettuce and chard and such.

Eastern NC is home of collards. I never really liked collards but damn, they are good when they are done right!

The locals in Boone are sometimes standoffish. However, once you are one with them, they will help you out anytime.

Greenville folks are more friendly at the get go, but maybe not so dependable in the long run. I haven’t tested this out yet – I believe people here are really nice though. I have felt completely welcome the whole time I’ve been here.

And here’s some more:

Why is gas so expensive in Greenville? It’s not a tourist town like Boone (which also is know for expensive gas) And why is health care so expensive in Greenville? So they have a medical school, but they sure know how to charge for it!

However – as stupid as the traffic is in Greenville, I am SO GLAD I am not living in Boone right now while they are ripping up King Street. All the buildings have been torn down between New Market and Greasy Corner and I am so sad to hear it …

And the latest I hear about the construction in Boone makes it sound absolutely hellish – yes, Greenville traffic is really stupid but what is happening in Boone right now – well – I’ll take G’ville any day!!!

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