Enjoying my new chair and more musings about Facebook, etc.

by | Jun 29, 2009 | 0 comments

I went out and bought a ridiculously expensive office chair that I have been wanting for over a year. There are some libraries that provide these chairs (or similar) to their staff. Usually if they do, they are bought with non-state funds. Aeron chairs are usually not on state contract. They can cost anywhere from over $700 to well over $1,000. I did not pay that much. Institutions that get them usually do get a bulk discount, I’m sure. So here I am (at home), sitting in my new chair. Was it worth it? Not sure yet. I do know that when I sit in this chair, that nagging pain in my neck seems to disappear. It could be a placebo effect, although we all know the placebo effect is actually a powerful thing.

I was criticized for my strident longing for this chair in the past. I will admit that I was probably being rather obnoxious about it. I am happy now, so there!

These days, I spend time musing over the heat. Greenville has “real” summer, boy howdy. I used to say that Boone had an “honest winter.” Greenville has an “honest summer.” Heat and more heat and humidity too. I find that I have oddly missed this. I missed the cicadas, the Crepe Myrtles, the magnolias, the honeysuckle. But now I also miss a few things about the mountains. While I was in Asheville for NASIG a few weeks ago, I paid attention to some of that – once I go back to Boone next month for a week I’ll figure out what exactly it is I miss.

I have a funny Facebook tale to tell. I befriended a colleague on Facebook and months later, I discover that the person who I befriended is NOT the person I thought he was – it is someone else entirely. (Amazingly the guy’s profile picture looks remarkably like the person I thought I had friended.) In addition, a whole bunch of other mutual friends joined me in befriending this person none of us really know. Apparently some of the mutual colleagues knew this for awhile – although it befuddles me that they did nothing about it since only have they befriended the actual person who was out there without us as his friend. I guess they are being nice. Me, I think it is kind of creepy that the other person accepted us all as friends without questioning all these librarians were flocking to his Facebook page. Not to worry – I suppose it all turns out OK in the end and perhaps this guy has made some new friends. This story has a happy ending, that is a good thing. But this sort of thing could have a dark side. While I am not planning to worry too much about it, I think it is a lesson to pay attention to – especially who you are looking up. There are an amazing number of people out in the world with the same or similar name. Which goes to show why Name Authority principles are so important and as a former cataloger, I totally believe it! Not to mention the controversial “No Fly” lists and so forth.

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