My husband Bruce and I are spending the week in Oxford, England for a meeting at the Bodleian. Beforehand, I checked the weather — rain every day it said, and cold. So, we bundled up all our winter clothes which I had put in the cedar chest and bought a new umbrella. Guess what? The weather is delightful. Sunny and cool enough for a sweater but not cold, cold, like we had expected. Oxford is such a charming and delightful city. History is everywhere. And the Blackwell’s Book Shop is right down the street where we have already bought enough books that we are wondering if there will be enough room in the suitcases! And just had a delicious lunch with Rita Ricketts and her significant other, Willy, who is quite a painter like Rita and my husband Bruce. Since I can’t draw a straight line, let alone paint (even on a wall), I am enjoying the art all around.