Blogging my Blog – Whoa – Now it's April!

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It’s been awhile (January) since I’ve contributed to this Blog, and Katina, my apologies for not keeping up with it. I have to admit that I’ve been blogging in my mind, but haven’t been putting my thoughts out there for others to see. I guess that is totally missing the point! Time flies when you’re having fun and when you are busy with a new job!

February came and went, mostly because the deadline grind starts early where I’m working now. I will probably appreciate this later when everyone else with a July-June academic calendar is churning out annual reports and we will be done. It’s probably a good thing too since we are in the midst of preparing for the transition to a new integrated library system (ILS). This transition has been curiously low-key. Technical services, Circulation, some systems staff, and a few others have been busy participating in the many webinar sessions sponsored by the ILS vendor, but everyone else in the library seems oblivious to the upcoming upheaval. There has been only a little discussion about sending publicity out to the campus. As May approaches, perhaps we’ll have more focus on this. Our annual Staff Development Day occurs on May 11 which happens to coincide with the transition week, so maybe faculty and students will get a little interested when they notice that the library’s catalog is down and then when it comes back up, looks totally different. Maybe nobody cares what the library catalog looks like as long as it works?

In the meantime, I recently submitted a book review to North Carolina Libraries and an Against the Grain “Firehose” column about Facebook. Can I use this as an excuse for not blogging? Facebook is pretty addictive, as they say, although I don’t spend all that much time on it, at least compared to other people. But I will have to give Facebook credit for another major shift in my attention lately. One rainy, cold Sunday afternoon in March I was wasting time on Facebook and decided to list my 25 all-time favorite albums on “Notes.” As I was considering these, I referenced the web as needed to look up facts about music groups. When I looked up the old indie rock band Arrogance, one of my all time favorites, I discovered that they were having a 40th reunion concert the very next week at the Carolina Theater in Durham! I was able to get tickets, had a chance to get together with old friends, and had a thoroughly great time. Of course I bought a t-shirt, a poster, and some CD’s at the concert, and then another strange turn of events occurred. Zelda, our overgrown puppy, decided to tear up the poster. I emailed the fan site to see if there was any chance of getting a replacement .In the process I started a lively correspondence with the marketing manager for the group plus connected with a guy working on an article about Arrogance for an online music magazine he edits. Steve was in the book business for years and used to attend the Charleston Conference. Amazing! I had fun with the interview questions he sent me and I hope he’ll be able to use some of what I gave him. If anything comes of this, you’ll be hearing more about it here!

In the meantime, my life is consumed with the ILS transition, getting ready for the NASIG conference in Asheville (June 4-7) and thinking a little further ahead, the annual Watauga Humane Society rummage sale in Boone (July), which apparently is in danger of being phased out. I am writing the Board a letter to try to convince them that we need this rummage sale now more than ever.

This barely scratches the surface of what I’ve been pondering these days, but what to do?

If I could record the thoughts in my brain (esp. between 3-4 am) I would have a decent blog.

Perhaps I should simply get up and record those thoughts when I am awake… er, that could be dangerous!

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