Spreadsheet Heaven (or is it hell?)

by | Feb 17, 2009 | 0 comments

I have spent the past week looking at spreadsheets and even making some myself though my staff of experts are much better at it than I. First, had to figure out why our serials budget looked like we were going to overexpend it by $300,000! Ouch! But, thankfully, had some great assistance from EBSCO — Ree Sherer, Merrill Smith, Jenny Buzbee and Tom Adamson and I am sure I am leaving many others out, excuse me y’all — and we were able to project a much less scary figure. Now it’s just a matter of making sure that the projection is on track as the fiscal year nears an end. Second, had to look at what databases we may need to cancel because of our PASCAL shortfall (from $2 million to $200,000!), loss of some grants, and general budget cuts at the university. Believe me, this is not a pleasant exercise! And third, I have been comparing the College of Charleston with ten or twelve peer institutions in as many areas as I can, using the great NCES statistics data which is wonderful if a little dated — 2006 — but there should be more data as of 2008, I hope soon. Anyway, like I said it’s been spreadsheet heaven if you like spreadsheets or hell if they give you a headache. I think I’ll go in search of an aspirin.

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