Long live library print collections!

by | Jan 9, 2009 | 0 comments

I was just walking around the library stacks this morning searching for books and journals. The library is pretty dead since the students are not due back for class until this coming Monday. So, when I spied a lone person using a HARDCOPY PRINT BOOK I decided to check it out! Turns out I knew the gentleman (a local scholar) so I went up to him and asked him what book he was using and why. Turns out it was the New York Times Index and he said that he found it much easier to locate information in the print resource than in the online resource. Two women on their way out of the library overheard the conversation and they chimed in that in general they found that print books were much easier to use than online books for all the familiar reasons (computer connection problems, power failures, eyestrain, etc.). What were the ages of these people? The gentleman was in his sixties and the two women were in their early forties. An isolated incident, but I thought I should tell y’all about it anyway. I love online, don’t get me wrong, but print is generally easier to read and access when you have it there in front of you. Long live the library print collections!

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